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The wire guy’s ways: specialist claiming be effective for Time Warner wire are informing all on Reddit

The wire guy’s ways: specialist claiming be effective for Time Warner wire are informing all on Reddit

Some one claiming become a Time Warner Cable professional is actually spilling strategies on Reddit.

Times Warner Cable, the second-largest supplier of television and internet service in the usa, informed Quartz it is exploring the listings. “We’re incapable of examine if this person is in fact a current or former employee,” a spokesman said.

Reddit individual cableguy_the began an “Ask Me Everything” (AMA) bond, publishing pictures of their ID badge and uniform as purported evidence of their work. Their answers to the inquiries coming in are really candid. Below are a few highlights (typos maintained).

On Comcast’s pending acquisition of the time Warner cable tv:

We would like the merger as the recent team in control could be the worst in previous history. Many acquiring discharged considering difficult metrics. Every electricity was given to customer care reps and stripped through the people that actually go to the houses and fix difficulties . It’s chaos while the company will be manage like shit IMHO [in my very humble view].

On pressure between specialists and customer care representatives:

Yea customer support staff and techs are combating a combat that no one sees. We hate them, they hate us. They tell clients the issue is the equipment if it almost never is. We inform subscribers to simply overlook precisely what the chap about mobile says because it’s likely that excellent, he has never wired a home, hung a drop or set cable tv.

On what’s really wrong along with your hookup:

Don’t believe 50percent of just what associate regarding cellphone informs you. Only schedule the tech. Let your function. He’s completed this before. The representative just answers phones. It’s almost NEVER the equipment inducing the issue.

On the trick for you to get much better help:

Whenever a technology comes ,ask for their superiors number. Simply tell him its not burning him but to intensify a concern. He could contact his sup to make certain their cool but which will help.

On what’s preventing faster net grab speeds:

Honestly, basic analogue cable. It can take up sooo a lot data transfer . 1 channel per frequency vs connecting several frequencies to supply 8 channels for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . As we go 100per cent electronic tv.. Internet will receive more quickly. Additionally congestion. If you live around a college it’s the worst . Grandmother would use the lady 15 meg for email and surfing but younger Johnny university child sucks up the bandwidth in your neighborhood making use of netflix and torrenting and video gaming. But they pay the exact same. IMHO what can correct this is capping data and offering everybody else uncapped rate.

On exactly why splitting your wire connections are a bad idea:

Investing in a splitter just to escort Oxnard attenuate the transmission is really stupid we already have items also known as attenuators which do this without including unneeded splitter. But it’s correct that a lot of indication is just as poor as not enough we contact that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will cost him his work:

I might feel fired according to whom catches me. I might will also get an added bonus its so very hard to inform because of the method this business is currently organized.

About how Wi-Fi indicators are unreliable, and that can getting vanquished by doors and structure:

Indeed best shown. Plaster wall space particularly.Solid material doorways, in a basement if the router is on the second floor or vice versa. Wi-fi are a fickle creature.

In your “broken” cable tv modem:

Yea I listen to this plenty. I’d state in confirmed year I would personally say 5% from the modems We switched had been actually bad. We carry out plenty of canine and pony tv series and merely change they in any event. The problem is almost always perhaps not devices appropriate. Modems either work or they don’t. There’s so small around. They have been quite simple systems. I have tv series clients using my own laptop computer every thing operating perfectly, next change back to their particular equipment and every thing goes to shit. They however demand an innovative new modem..Its insanity.

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